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Pre-Qualify: We know from experience that customers with no credit or bad credit can feel nervous about making the effort to come in to the store and then being turned away. That's why we don't check your credit! In 2-3 minutes, you can request to Pre-Qualify so you can know how much of an auto loan you qualify for before you even walk in the door. 

Plan a Budget: Take the time to think through what you can afford. What can you afford for a down payment? What you can afford for monthly payments? While these are all good questions to ask before you come in, we can also help you think through these questions if you would like!

Pick a Car: Once you have a plan in mind, or we have helped you talk through a plan, pick a car that is within your budget. If you see something you like, take it on a test drive!


Down Payments: We get a lot of questions about how low of a down payment someone can make. We get it. Dropping a lot of cash on a car is not always a feasible option for everyone. We base your down payment on your budget and the vehicle you are interested in. While this varies from customer to customer, we will speak with you and listen to your specific situation. Read more here if you have further questions about low down payments with Drive Now Auto Credit.

Your Payment Schedule: We will sit down with you and create a payment schedule for you. Your payment schedule typically follows your personal income schedule. This means your payments could be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Easy Payment Options: We make it easy to stick to the payment plan we've worked on together. You can pay through the mail-via money order, in person during operating hours, or online 24 hours a day, 365 days per year!

Enjoy! Enjoy your new vehicle! We know you will enjoy your new ability to meet your family, work, and life responsibilities in your new vehicle!


If you have more questions about the process of buying a car with Drive Now, head over to our FAQ section that should answer any more questions you have!

If you are in or near Kansas City, MO and need a car loan or vehicle financing, then you have found the right place! No matter what situation caused you to have bad credit or no credit, come visit us today. We specialize in buy here pay here vehicle purchasing and financing. That means we are the bank! We make financing decisions in-house and work to get you into a car truck or SUV you want and can afford.

You may come in just because of our low down payments and easy financing options, but we think yo'll stay for our great selection of vehicle inventory and our family-like customer service!

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